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Video 1: The dynamics of pro Magnus / Video 2: Before and Afters / Video 3: These are just some of the greatest goals ever scored and they've all got one thing in common... All of the goals were scored by curling the ball


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My name is Paul Gainford, (photo) Inventor of the pro Magnus and owner of sport tech enterprise.

Over 6 years we've developed a brand new football training aid that will improve body position, kick speed, accuracy and ultimately train you to apply phenomenal bend on the ball! As good, if not better than the best players in the world! And in a fraction of the time too. Using a method that will allow you to develop your technique and hone your skill directly from the ball itself, giving you the most natural and simplistic form of training with results that will blow you away! A soccer training aid that will change the world of football as we know it! Imagine a team full of Cristiano Ronaldo's! Every player with the ability to score free kicks in style and mystify goal keepers with amazing bend! Every managers dream!...

It's a scientific fact that a curving ball's trajectory induces errors in the human visual perception - goal keepers misjudge the future arrival point of a curled ball, giving the scorer up to a 50% better chance of scoring a goal, that's huge!! And that's why top footballers do it! And now it's your turn!

In order to test how good the pro Magnus actually is, we've teamed up with some of the best sports scientists in the world. Professor Cathy Craig (head of school of psychology, Queens university, Belfast) and her team are responsible for some of the most intricate, aero dynamically challenging studies to date including tests on the predator boot, working with the best players and goal keepers in the world to find out what we mere humans are capable of and how we can maximise and unlock our true potential. They also tested the 2010 South Africa World Cup ball, found out why players didn't like it and totally redesigned and developed the brand new 2014 Brazil World Cup ball, to name but a few... And now, we at Sport Tech Enterprise have the pleasure of working with Cathy and her team of scientists, to develop and gain proof that the Pro Magnus really is the greatest soccer training aid in the world!